THE 2021 HACHI MATCHA SHINCHA HAS ARRIVED! Available for a limited time.  54a75449-2c93-4d46-8d81-88e7d556258d.jpeg

Try the first picked tea of the season. This Matcha is sure to please!

Hachi Matcha Shincha Tasting Notes for 2021: Deep Umami which evolves and lingers on the palate. Grassy aroma with deep vegetal flavours evoking images of a wildflower meadow after a rainfall. Very unique!

First tasting: Deep velvet mouthfeel with a taste that develops and deepens over time.

Second tasting: Reveals a delicate sweetness while the long dry finish remains. Does not have the young effervescence of previous years, but makes up for it with a finish that just goes on and on. 

Third tasting: As the beverage cools, the umami really stands out, sweet and savory while the finish remains long and dry. 

Final tasting: Brings out more umami but more savory than sweet and the finish goes on and on and on...A truly magnificent Matcha.