Ippodo New Harvest Matcha

Matcha is usually not released immediately after harvest. Instead, it is “rested” for a period of many months to mature the flavour. However, this unique New Harvest Matcha was made from grinding the new tea leaves harvested this year, 2020. It is full of the energetic character the tea leaves have right after they are picked.

Taste Notes

New Harvest Matcha would rank in the rich category of Ippodo's matcha lineup, so it has a similar long aftertaste, vibrant color, and sweet aroma as those teas, in addition to its unique energy.

The nuances of New Harvest Matcha change every year we release it, depending on the climate and other growing conditions in the tea fields. The lively, sweet aroma of this year’s release is delightful, and it fills the room from the second you open the matcha bag. Once whisked, this tea has a balance of sweetness and elegant bitterness that reminds us of dark chocolate. After a powerful first impression, its finish is long, sweet, and pleasantly light.

We recommend trying this tea first as regular usucha (thin tea), to experience its refreshing strength. Prepare it next as koicha (thick tea) to taste this tea’s full umami and green freshness. In a latte, the elegant bitterness pairs well with milk’s creaminess. Finally, you can whisk this tea with cold water and serve over ice, which produces a sweet, clear character.


Characterized by its rich aroma, full-bodied mellow sweetness, and vivid green color, matcha is a favorite among tea lovers in Japan. Ground from shade-cultivated tea leaves, matcha is rich in theanine -- an amino acid responsible for matcha's umami (translates to “savory deliciousness” and is also known as the fifth taste). Generally, the higher the grade, the richer the umami taste.


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