Measure the correct amount of matcha every time with this traditional natural bamboo measuring spoon, known in Japan as CHASHAKU.

SUSUDAKE means smoked bamboo. SUSUDAKE CHASHAKU is much prized and sought after in Japan. This is made from authentic SUSUDAKE smoked bamboo, which follows a very unique preparation method. SUSUDAKE smoked bamboo is sourced from IRORI open hearth in a traditional Japanese house. Bamboo is used to build the IRORI open hearth, and naturally takes on the rich appearance over many years due to exposure to the cooking heat and smoke. The smoked bamboo materials are very limited, so that the manufacturer buys in and stocks them whenever this type of bamboo becomes available; it is extremely rare. Adept craftsman carefully create each CHASHAKU one by one.

As above, the SUSUDAKE bamboo is smoked naturally, so that the pattern and scratch are different in each Chashaku. This is authentic bamboo from a traditional Japanese IRORI open hearth. It brings an atmosphere unique only to you; it is one of a kind. To consider the quality and background, this is set at a very reasonable price.

Would you add this authentic SUSUDAKE CHASHAKU to your matcha accessories? It will add depth to your preparing and drinking matcha.

2 Chashaku of Matcha = 1.5 to 2 g.
For Usucha, thin tea, use 2 Chashaku of Matcha. For Koicha, thick tea, use 3 to 4.

Made in Japan.

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