Want to try matcha? This is a great starter kit. Receive a sieve, electric whisk and 40 cups of Hachi Matcha Bronze (40g).  

Hachi Bronze is an everyday drinking matcha. Perfect for those new to the art of matcha drinking or those who drink it quite often and prefer a high quality matcha.

Region: Uji, Kyoto, Japan

Cultivar: 100% Yabukita

Matcha is green tea that has been shade-grown, de-veined, de-stemmed and ground into a very fine powder. Matcha isn't steeped, it's "eaten." One serving is equivalent to 10 servings of green tea in terms of nutritional value and antioxidant content. Matcha's unique combination of amino acids and caffeine creates a lasting feeling of focused vitality. Perfect for work, play, exercise or meditation. 

Preparation of Traditional Matcha: Sift 1/2-1 teaspoon of Bronze Hachi Matcha into a small bowl. Add 2-4 ounces of 70-80 degree Celsius water (boiling water will compromise taste and nutritional content). Whisk vigorously using a traditional bamboo whisk or a frother for 15 seconds or until creamy. Enjoy your perfect cup of matcha!

Preparation of 8 ounce Matcha Latte: Whisk 1 teaspoon of sifted matcha with 1 ounce 80 degree Celsius water. Add steamed milk and enjoy.

Storage: Keep away from heat, light, air, moisture and strong odours. Once opened, use as soon as possible. 



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Liz on 21st May 2015

The kit is awesome. Has everything you need and very plainly explains the steps to make a cup of matcha. It has a very grassy taste and I do have to add a lot of honey, but it's a very effective product. I choose to drink it all at once because I'm not a fan of the taste. But those 30 seconds of not-too-bad-taste is totally worth the benefits. I will continue to drink matcha every day!