Just Matcha was founded in 2013 and is owned and operated by Tiffanie and Kip Home.

Our Matcha journey began as many such adventures begin, with the receiving of a gift. A dear friend handed us a beautiful gift as a house warming present. Wrapped in a blue and green gift bag, accompanied with a wonderful Japanese style card, came a bamboo whisk and a tin of matcha powder. We had no idea what this gift was. She explained that this was the green tea that the Japanese used during their tea ceremonies and that it was very ancient and very unique. We were intrigued but also relieved – green tea, everyone has had green tea. However, what we discovered when we opened the tin, was like nothing we had ever seen before – an almost psychedelic green powder greeted us, accompanied by a waft of earthy grassy aroma. It certainly was different!

The first cup we made was a complete disaster and tasted pretty bad. Used to regular tea, we nearly filled a cereal bowl with boiling water, didn’t sift the matcha and then tried to whisk it up. The results were less than spectacular but being a rather intrepid pair, we determined that we must be doing something wrong because there was no way something that tasted that bad could last for 800 years. We decided to read the instructions on the tin! What a novel concept…

The next cup was decidedly better and we did some more research and found a YouTube video on how to properly prepare matcha. The third and fourth cups were even better still and then something miraculous happened.

We both noticed an increased level of energy, accompanied by a calm wakefulness. Kip summed it up best by asking, “Why do I feel so good?!?” Once we realized it was the matcha creating this feeling of well-being, we were hooked and immediately wanted to learn more.

As our knowledge grew we searched out different sources of matcha – no easy task! But after months and months of searching and calling and searching some more, we started to find new and different matchas and thus was born, Just Matcha. We source and provide some of the best matchas Japan has to offer all in one convenient location. Our goal is to bring this delicious, under-recognized elixir of health to the world. We adore our products, and think you will, too!

We want to make matcha accessible to anyone whether it is served traditionally using a bamboo whisk and ceremonial matcha bowl or using a more modern take with purpose built hand-crafted ceramics and an electric hand whisk or even in completely non-traditional drinks like a matcha latte or a salted caramel matchaccino.

Tiffanie & Kip personally welcome you to the exciting world of Matcha, and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Please email us at info@justmatcha.com

544 Pandora Avenue

Victoria, British Columbia

Canada, V8W 1N6

Current Hours of Operation:

Monday-Saturday 11-5pm

Sunday 12-4pm

Statutory Holidays 12-4pm