AMAGUMO (handcrafted Matcha Bowl)

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Made by Shohraku Sasaki at Shohraku Kiln.
Shohraku Kiln, opened in 1903, is one of the most traditional Raku Yaki Kilns in Kyoto. Shohraku Sasaki is the third generation of family artisans at the kiln.

This AMAGUMO matcha bowl is created after the original by Kohetsu Honami (1558 to 1637), one of the three great ancestors of Raku Yaki.

It is said that AMAGUMO is the work most representative of his individual and unique style. High quality duplication traditionally has been admired for established Japanese ceramics since creating high quality duplication requires extremely skilled and broad-based techniques in all aspects of creation, and often compels the artisan to meticulously recreate an atmosphere which often was created on accident by the original artisan. Only a few artisans can duplicate historical treasured arts of Raku Yaki.

Around the upper rim of this piece, thickness is deliberately erratic, as is the fluctuation in height. The name "AMAGUMO" means rain cloud. Black glaze is thickly poured except for some parts, mouth, and parts of side and bottom. On the front side the surface appears as though the glaze has been whittled away. It looks like rain cloud, so that this piece is named "AMAGUMO" for the scene. The surface not covered by black glaze looks coarse and rough like ancient sandstone, a very unique and pleasing texture.

The art of Kohetsu Honami, characterized by free thinking and uniqueness of form, has mesmerized audiences in Japan and around the world for hundreds of years, throughout the history of Raku Yaki. Third-generation artisan Shohraku Sasaki of one of the most traditional Raku Yaki Kilns in Kyoto is the ideal individual to re-awaken this treasured creation into the present day.


This piece is truly esquisite to hold and behold.  Feel like a Samurai while drinking matcha from this bowl!!


Specially packaged in a wooden box.
Lead-free. Made in Japan. 
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