Skillfully handmade from one piece of natural bamboo, the Chasen is used to whisk Matcha into a delicious frothy brew.

This Bamboo Whisk has about 120 bristles. It makes a very nice matcha foam and if stored properly, will remain in good working condition for many years. 120 bristles is the highest number of bristles that a Bamboo Whisk can have. The large number of bristles creates a bowl of matcha that is especially smooth and frothy.

Hints for a lengthy storage life:
1) We recommend that you get the bamboo whisk wet just before you use it. The bamboo whisk is susceptible to dry conditions. When it is dry, it becomes brittle and easy to break.
2) It is better to store the bamboo whisk on a whisk keeper after using it. This will help the whisk to retain its shape.


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